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Our Services

Thanks to the experience of our staff and our customer- and service-oriented philosophy, each of our customers receives personalized service. Learn more about our services below and contact us for your personalized offer!

Transportation and Freight

Domestic and international transport

By operating our state-of-the-art vehicle fleet, we guarantee our Customers efficient and reliable work in both international and domestic transportation.


All our vehicles are equipped with Satellite Fleet Monitoring System, which helps the Customer to get accurate information about the location of the goods


Transportation of temperature-sensitive goods

Chilled and frozen goods, Pharma logistics

In all cases, the shipment of our products is in accordance with Good Distribution Practice and the requirements for safe transportation of pharmaceuticals. 

Temperature-controlled transport, pharma logistics: delivery of pharmaceutical ingredients and  pharmaceuticals products with our Pharma Certified vehicles.

Warehouse logistics 

Warehouseing of dry goods, Cross-docking 

We ensure the high quality of warehousing work with modern equipment and a qualified workforce. It is possible to use our cross-docking service in our warehouse. The warehouse is equipped with a state-of-the-art camera system and a 24-hour security service to protect the values ​​of our clients.

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